Thailand news:  A plan to simplify environmental approval for condo project pleases the developers. Go Green is the new theme when it comes to condominiums. The new amendment to the Environmental Impact Assesment  (EIA) means that no developer can start putting up condos without the approval of EIA. Under rules backed by environmentalists and groups of residents whose neighbourhoods have been endangered by mushrooming growth of condo blocks, no condo unit can be transferred to the buyer if the project does not pass an EIA. Ever since this happened, The EIA is now overwhelmed with the bulk of applications from developers who fear that their projects would be stopped if they do not follow. The rule states that seek approval from a panel of environmental experts before construction begins. Once the report is approved by the expert panel, developers are required to submit the approved report to local authorities to get a licence. I am sure mother nature will be pleased with this.

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