Elegant Bathroom


It’s not enough that your condo only looks classy in the living room area, but it has to go all the way to your bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom! Whether it be a big one or a small one, there are many ways to make your bathroom look and feel elegant. Simple touches can easily transform a room but before you add anything, make sure that your bathroom is rid of all of the clutter. Anything that isn’t necessarily of importance should be placed in a cabinet or arranged neatly in shelves.

Adding elegant pieces to the room will add to the classy vibe. One of the most simple and effective way to change the room is to add a beautiful large framed mirror. This not only becomes the focus of the room but it also makes the room seem bigger. Add fresh flowers or ferns. It gives the room a fresh feeling. Change an old rug and replace it with something of a mellow color. Buy rugs that can easily be washed so that when it becomes dirty, it can easily be replaced. Finally, make sure you have the right lighting. A more dramatic choice that isn’t too harsh on the eyes will give it the elegant relaxing mood you are going for.


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