Choosing Furniture

The size of your home doesn’t determine how classy it is. A small place can easily be transformed into a classy abode as long as you know how to maximize the space and how to choose the right furniture. When living in a condo, a common dilemma is that the living space doesn’t meet the space requirement. So if you find yourself in the middle of the same problem, here are some easy steps to take to make your living space not just livable but also something to be proud of.

The first step is to study your floor plan and choose the key areas where you will place your important furniture such as the bed, the couch and dining table. Now if you are moving to a new space with no furniture, shop around for pieces that can serve dual purpose. A popular example for this is a couch that transforms into a bed. When living alone or no more than two people, go for small pieces. A small table for the dining is much better. Also consider the color, go for lighter colors because lighter shades make the space look bigger.

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