Luxury and Glamour only in Vegas

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Own a piece of Las Vegas. Streamline Tower is one of the top condos rising in Las Vegas today. It’s just footsteps away from the historic Fremont Street Casino District where history, culture and entertainment collide.

Enjoy a life of glamour and luxury only in the heart of the new downtown where you can dine at 35+ restaurants, and indulge yourself in entertainment galore and shopping to your heart’s content. You can also dine at gourmet restaurants, socialize with friends at one of many taverns, stroll under the neon lights and unlimited gaming available 24/7.

Price ranges of a unit in the Streamline Tower costs $470,000 – $1,200,000 with 1-3 bedrooms and 3.5 – 2.5 bathrooms. You can as well enjoy the buildings amenities such as rooftop pool and spa with panoramic views.


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A dockominium is the water-based version of a condominium; rather than owning an apartment in a building, one owns a boat slip on the water. The term is a portmanteau of “dock” and “condominium.” In addition to the exclusive right to use the boat slip, ownership also provides one with the right to use the common elements of the marina, much the same as one would have the right to use the common areas in a residential condominium development. Additionally a unit owner may use, rent or sell their unit at any time, subject to association approval.
Similar to a condominium, a management company manages the common areas and provides all required services such as maintenance, security, insurance, bookkeeping, legal and overall management and supervision of the dockominium facility. A monthly fee is charged to cover these expenses. Typically, water is included, while electricity and cable, etc. are billed separately via the management association. Real estate taxes are separately assessed by the municipality and are the responsibility of the unit owner.

The Silent Greening of our Lives and Homes

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Nope, they don’t include plants(for now), it’s the drive to lessen the energy we use each days, our many buildings though they were designed and built with the latest materials available when they were built. They were seldom designed to be energy efficient and maximized the potential of the materials available. Energy used to be so plentiful that we didn’t pay much attention to the pollution during the industrial revolution but today, with the weather going wild due to so much pollution it has altered the environment so much we have no choice but to care. From better insulation to trimming down electricity use with better and more efficient technology, they are all being slowly infused into existing buildings and built into new ones being built greening them from the bottom up.

Have A Grown Up Condo

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Having a grown up place easily makes it a classy one. It doesn’t take so much to make a place classy and comfortable. If you do not know where to start, start by tidying up. Cleaning a room is the easiest transformation you can do without spending a buck. Cleaning your condo doesn’t just mean sweeping the floors and dusting. Take out all of the things you do not use and get rid of them. Do not hold on to old stuff that will only add to the clutter.

When it comes to furniture, there’s no need to buy new ones. You can have your old ones re-painted and re-upholstered. Pick basic colors. Mix dark ones to light shade walls. What will transform rooms is having a really good lighting. Get rid of too bright hospital lights. Stick to pretty lamps that will make your room feel warm.

For a sample guide, have your whole room painted white. Take your furniture and paint it brown/wood shade. Accessorize your room in a minimal way. Have two or three beautiful pieces around that suits your personality. Don’t over do it.

Decorative Window Tints

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decortintsWindow films come in many shapes and sizes and they allows one to attain a more decorative look making them serve two purposes, for beauty and practicality. They come in a variety of designs that can even be mixed and matched, should you unleash your inner design talents. A child’s room can take on a fairytale look or whatever designs in the form of cartoon characters or more educational ones that makes the glass take on the role of a doodle board. Square off an area for them to doodle on, and don’t worry about clean-up for glass is easily cleaned with commercial cleaners. Continue Reading »

Vampire Power – Guzzling Electricity all the Time

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vampireCondos are mostly modern living quarters loaded with some of the latest gadgets and gizmos as well as consumer electronics that have become more efficient in the way they function yet still consume electricity even when not in use. Called vampire power, the standby mode that is built-into your electrical appliance still eats a sizable amount of electricity as it waits for your next use. Effective yet simple upgrades such as occupancy switches that turns off the electrical supply to a room when it doesn’t sense any movement or at pre-set times. The technology is being developed for sensors that are either worn by the user or some other method such as movement sensors can tell the smart-electrical Continue Reading »

$100 Million Penthouse

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New York is said to be one of the most expensive places to live and buy real estate in. Just how expensive is it? Well, available now in the market is a $100 million penthouse in Manhattan. That much money is more than enough to feed everyone on a third world country! The penthouse in 150 West 56th street is an 8,000 sq-foot apartment is over looking Central Park. An obviously beautiful view in New York. The place has 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, internal elevator, a 20-person dining room, a conference room, a terrace with 350 degree view of the city. This luxury apartment is being sold by a Long Island developer Steven Klar, President of Klar Organization. He purchased the place in 1993 for only $4.5 and has since renovated all areas. Anyone can think that the asking price is ridiculous but it’s only one of the many properties in New York that are being sold in the same extremely high price.

On buying a bed

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No living space is complete without a bed. A bed is where you spend a lot of time on, after the tiring routine of your day.

In buying a bed, you must first consider the space of your bedroom. The smallest type of beds are called twin bed, but are mostly for single persons or kids only. Double beds can accommodate two people but has limited individual space. The best beds for two people are queen sized and up, but it really depends on the space you’re allotting for it. Beds are long term investments, not just because of their cost, but also because of the hassle of constantly changing them. So when picking a bed, make sure that you like the design and want to stick to it for a long time.

Where to Advertise if You Want to Sell?

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They claim to be the # 1 Website for condos and they can reach 1000s of buyers through the net. If you are a developer, advertise now in Features of advertising includes pictures, videos, floor plans and virtual tour of the condo unit plus the building description. Moreover, all listings in this website are automatically included on 20+ websites such as google,, trulia: real estate search,, ByOwner and more.

A testimonial from a developer says, Thanks to the online marketing efforts of, we sold 4 units in 2 weeks. In this increasingly competitive market, you need to make the right choices to get ahead of the other competitors.

Make Your Condo Classy

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Any materials (cloth, classy furniture, paintings, lamps, porcelains, etc.) which you think can be reused or add elegance to your condo will do. It is up to your creativity if these materials will serve its purpose.


Personally I love to design my own room, and I am excited to design my own condo in the future. Through reading lifestyle magazines, watching lifestyle shows, and browsing different sites, I was able to get ideas and creative techniques to have a classy atmosphere.

Visit this site to give you practical tips you can apply in your own homes or condos: You can make your condo classy!

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