Bamboo Floor Tiles, Cielings and Walls

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bamboofloorsBamboo floor tiles is one easy way to get that classy wooden floor you’ve always wanted at less cost. It’s cheaper, durable and is very much sustainable. Bamboo is the world’s largest, tallest and fastest growing grass (consider a few inches a day) that grows anywhere in the tropics. Processed and treated, it looks like any other wood and it costs a lot less. Available in floor tiles, boards and panels, they can be used for walls, floors and ceilings to add a natural look to any home. They are installed in much the same way as traditional wood floors and are treated as such. They also have a nice shine to them when buffed making them very attractive indeed.
Get some installed to get that expensive wood floor you’ve always wanted, or why not try doing it yourself. Most wood floor boards are stuck on with adhesive provided the floor is well and level, you also need some carpentry skills for some planing and cutting may be needed. Bamboo, the versatile grass!

Do it by Yourself!

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If you want your condominium to be unique and look extraordinary ,why not create and design on your own. Make some handmade decorations or what we call handicrafts. A handicraft is something created and designed using only your hands., just your own skills! So definitely you can do great here! These handicrafts can be used as decorations in your condominium to make it more classy and sassy. You need not buy figurines, or whatsoever. You can definitely make your own picture frame, lamp shade, wall décor, etc. Just like what I’ve said in my previous entries, be confident, take a risk!

Ultra classy condos rising in major cities

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Classy condos are being put up in many parts of the world. Condo living is considered a status symbol of sorts in many countries because a condo is usually seen as something that only the upwardly mobile can afford.

Because of the more high-class image of condos, classy condo buildings are being built in many posh areas in most cities in the world. For example, one of the more expensive and ambitious projects being made is a building in Singapore that is closely associated with renowned designer Philippe Starck. This kind of cachet just shows that with classy condos, sky’s the limit.

A Reflection of Good Taste

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Oftentimes, it only takes a few well-placed accents to give a condo that touch of class. Consider contemporary mirrors, which come in different frames to suit your color scheme and overall theme. Not only do mirrors give off the impression of space, they can also serve as stand-in art pieces when there is not enough room for wall hangings. A quality mirror with a good finish doubles as the focal point in the receiving area, eliminating the need for additional decor. Designing your own mirror could also be a good idea, as some manufacturers allow one-offs for a price. The mirror can then bear your signature, a unique piece for a space all your own.

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One Chair, Sixteen Seats

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There’s a good chance you’ve seen it on YouTube before. FlexibleLove takes the loveseat to the next level. No more borrowing chairs from your neighbor when expecting guests. Save space and save the planet. Seat up to 16 people with the honeycomb structure made from recycled materials. Don’t want to move your stuff around? You can curve FlexibleLove into a U, L, C, S, or O-shaped wonder. Storage is a breeze because you can simply collapse the chair. It weighs 25 kg, so you might need a bit of help. FlexibleLove also comes in 12- and 8-seaters. FlexibleLove Mini, a 25:1 scale model, is also popular.

Rent or Buy a Condo?

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There are pros and cons in buying and renting a condo. Before deciding whether which among the two you would choose, try weighing things first. It is important to consider every aspect of the buy and rent decisions. It doesnt feel good if you would regret your choice in the end.

First and foremost, you must asses your budget. It is the most important part of the decision. Evaluate your current situation whether you where you can spend less considering long term.


Check this site for you to be assisted in deciding what to choose and what to weigh:

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Take a Risk (Part 1)

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I want to design my own home someday. I want to use my creative skills in it. But somehow, I am afraid of the outcome if I, personally, would do the styling and decorating.

I once have painted my own room using my own imaginative ideas. I used acrylic paints to color my wall. At first, of course I was afraid to paint it by myself because I am no professional painter or artist. It is a big risk for me. It is like, one stroke would be the deciding factor whether my room would have a beautiful outcome or not.


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For a lot of upscale socialites, a classy condo is a must-have for the preservation of their status. The right address can do wonders for one’s social life in these circles. Having a pricey and elegant crib speaks loads about the person who resides there. And for status-conscious people, the perfect place is as much a way of life as the extravagant spending, the pampered toy pooches and the expensive clothe sand jewelries. What could be better than coming home from a day full of splurging and partying? A classy condo is a statement, not merely for utility, but mainly for show.

Would You Like A Coffee Table With That?

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Danish furniture chain BoConcept has an interesting marketing strategy: selling coffee tables by talking about coffee. And why not, if that’s what it’s really for? Drop by their website and learn how to make frappe, macchiato, cappuccino, espresso, caffe latte and green tea. While you’re at it, see their sleek, minimalist coffee tables from $199 to $949, all at 20% off until June 15th. You can also create a customized coffee table in a range of tabletops in different sizes, surfaces from white lacquer to brushed steel, and legs in various designs and heights. We smell Scandinavian design a-brewing.

Benefits of Owning a Second Home

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            Whether it’s a vacation home or a rental property, a second home can offer you as many advantages as your primary resident. If you are looking for a home besides home where you can relax and enjoy your time with your family then one of your best choices, a condo unit in lakefront. After the hustle of your daily life at work you know that you have a place where you can retreat with your family.

What’s even more exciting than this is that a second home investment can be very financially rewarding with tax deductible interest, real estate appreciation, and potential rental income. While you are back at work, you can have your condo unit rented. But before buying anything, make sure that you understand the tax implications of a second home.

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