Where to Advertise if You Want to Sell?

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They claim to be the # 1 Website for condos and they can reach 1000s of buyers through the net. If you are a developer, advertise now in Condo.com. Features of advertising includes pictures, videos, floor plans and virtual tour of the condo unit plus the building description. Moreover, all listings in this website are automatically included on 20+ websites such as google, TheMoveChannel.com, trulia: real estate search, hotpads.com, ByOwner and more.

A testimonial from a developer says, Thanks to the online marketing efforts of Condo.com, we sold 4 units in 2 weeks. In this increasingly competitive market, you need to make the right choices to get ahead of the other competitors.

Make Your Condo Classy

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Any materials (cloth, classy furniture, paintings, lamps, porcelains, etc.) which you think can be reused or add elegance to your condo will do. It is up to your creativity if these materials will serve its purpose.


Personally I love to design my own room, and I am excited to design my own condo in the future. Through reading lifestyle magazines, watching lifestyle shows, and browsing different sites, I was able to get ideas and creative techniques to have a classy atmosphere.

Visit this site to give you practical tips you can apply in your own homes or condos: knowhow-now.com. You can make your condo classy!

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The dwell magazine website has 46 podcasts (as of last count), a good listen while you’re surfing for things for your condo. Most of them are walking tours of neighborhoods, recorded talks by noted speakers from the Dwell on Design, and interviews with industry movers. The website also has Dwell Connect, a virtual community of builders, designers and design enthusiasts. Find a group and interact with other users you might meet in Los Angeles on June 5 to 8 for this year’s Dwell on Design Conference, Exhibit and Home Tours at the LA Convention Center. Don’t forget to register online by May 30th.

Pros in Condos (Part 2)

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Another advantage in owning a condominium is that you already have instant leisure place like swimming pool, gym, etc… You can be assured of your safety because there’s a security available in the place. Plus, opportunity to meet good neighbors is with in your reach. Since people living in the condo have a common area that they can use, there’s a wide possibility of meeting new friends. This can also add excitement and fun in your condo living especially when there are parties or other events. You will also feel more secure because you know you can trust the people around you.

No Pets Allowed?

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Are you a pet lover or not? For those who are, do you want your pet dog or cat to be prohibited from living with you just because the management in your condominium has a no-pet rule. Personally, I am not that a “pet-lover”, but I understand those people who love to have their pets with them. I know they will do anything for them to live comfortably with their pets.

There are many condominiums who have a no-pet rule. But there are also such wherein those condo owners own pets. Just like in Metropolitan Miami condo who welcomes residents who are dog lovers. It is good to know that there are condos like this. Visit CCFJ for more articles related to this.

Condo or House?

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When you are thinking of buying real estate, there are so many options to choose from. Especially when you are choosing to stay in the city. Buying real estate should be based on your budget and your needs. If you are making a decision whether to buy a house or a condo, here are some tips to help you decide.

House should be considered if you have a large family and want bigger living space. If you want a  garden or a yard then house is the way to go. If you also do not want to be very close to neighbors and value a lot of privacy.

Condo is for you if you do not mind sharing the responsibility of home ownership. If you also do not want to bother with exterior maintenance. If you do not mind being in close proximity with your neighbors and is fine with the occasional socializing in the hall or elevator.



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In technical terms, condos are individual units clustered in a particular location or space. The space that specific condos occupy are recorded in a document called the Declaration, which is filed with the local governing body. The corporation which made the building housing the units hold this property in trust on behalf of the homeowners group, with the ownership right still belonging to the buyer of the unit. Within the owner’s condo unit, she may make alterations for decoration or utility purposes, as long as it is within the bounds of the contract and also, as long as the changes made would not violate the personal boundaries of the different units.


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A condo is a housing facility wherein a particular individual owns a part of the whole building (usually an apartment), and still has access to communal facilities such as the hallways, the heating systems, the outside areas such as the parking spaces and yards, and the elevators. Condo units are known by a variety of names, such as a strata title in Australia and British Columbia; syndicate of co-ownership in Quebec; and the commonhold in England and Wales. Whatever it’s called in different places, condo units are most well know by the term apartments, and the word is used by the majority of people referring to this type of housing.

Where to Buy Classy Kitty Cat Condo?

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Surely, if you would want your cats to love you more I think this is a great gift for them. I know some cat owners just let their cats sleep anywhere around their house. But if you want to let your cat feel that they are loved, go buy them their own Classy Kitty Cat Condo. I am sure they will appreciate it from the bottom of their hearts.

In petco.com, you can buy this $32.39 cat condo online. The two-story and heavy-duty wooden condo is covered in stain resistant, catnip treat carpet that your cat can claw to his heart’s content.

Take a Risk (Part 1)

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I want to design my own home someday. I want to use my creative skills in it. But somehow, I am afraid of the outcome if I, personally, would do the styling and decorating.

I once have painted my own room using my own imaginative ideas. I used acrylic paints to color my wall. At first, of course I was afraid to paint it by myself because I am no professional painter or artist. It is a big risk for me. It is like, one stroke would be the deciding factor whether my room would have a beautiful outcome or not.

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